‘Tis the Season to be Jolly… Shoot, I still need a gift for Holly…

It’s almost that time of year, when we begin planning our Holiday shopping lists and start saving so we don’t get that lovely notice in the mail from our bank that we’ve spent too much. (Darn those NSF fees).

While you’re making your lists and checking them twice, it’s important you also protect yourself from scammers who are on the naughty list each year…

Here are 5 Tips from Grinnell State Bank to help protect yourself from fraud this Holiday Season:

1. Use the products and services available to check account balances and transactions frequently.

  • Online and mobile banking is a great way to quickly access your account information. It’s still important to reconcile your statements each month, but this way you can monitor your account as often as you’d like right at your fingertips!
  • With Grinnell State Bank’s Shazam Bolt$ app, you can set up alerts for debit card transactions exceeding a certain dollar amount, card-not-present transactions, and international transactions.
  • Use Mobile Wallet such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay, to store your card information securely on your smartphone and use your phone to make purchases at participating merchants. A safe, convenient and secure option for payments!

2. Keep your phone number and contact information current with your bank! We do our best to contact you as quickly as possible if there is any suspicious activity, and we’d like your spending to be as convenient and accurate as possible.

3. Pay with cash or credit card versus a debit card. Credit cards can provide more protection against fraudulent activity. Remember the option for withdrawing cash from your account or ATM is still an option! Avoid ATM fees by using Privileged Status ATMs. You can visit this site to locate a Privileged Status ATM near you: https://www.shazam.net/atms/.

4. Be aware! When receiving suspicious phone calls, do not give out any account or personal information! While using ATMs, gas pumps, or debit/credit card readers in stores, always look for skimming devices.

5. Use legitimate sites when shopping online. There are so many convenient online stores that make Holiday shopping easy but use precaution!! Look at the URL, read reviews, use secure check-out options, and read all Terms and Conditions. Another debit card layer of protection for online shopping is registering their debit card with Mastercard secure code.

The list could go on and on, and sometimes as preventive as we try to be, scammers are still out there. Talk to your Personal Banker today and let them help you protect yourself from fraud. And don’t forget to find that “just in case gift” for “Holly” …. you know… that one co-worker or friend who gave you a gift and you didn’t think to buy them one… it will come in handy.

From your Friends at Grinnell State Bank, We wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!