Group of millenials on phones and laughing

The time has come. Millennials have joined the workforce. This brings in a brand-new set of obstacles for banks to overcome to reach this technical and fast-paced generation. Millennials grew up surrounded by technology from acquiring their first Nintendo to their first smartphone. For this reason, expectations are different for millennials.  When it comes to choosing a bank, millennials, look for online banking, mobile banking, and a social media presence.

Many individuals juggle to find a balance between school, work, friends and family. There are often times when the normal business day hours just do not meet individuals’ needs anymore. However, with all the modern technology, banking has become so much simpler. Grinnell State Bank helps simplify banking by offering online banking and multiple other products as an option for our customers. This means millennials have the option to have access to all their accounts from their fingertips. They also can chat with a banker about any questions or concerns. Making transferring, paying bills, and keeping track of their expenses easier.

When selecting a financial institution, millennials look for tools that can accommodate their busy schedules. Mobile banking is such a vital tool because you can check your balances, see transaction history and even deposit checks right from your phone. The mobile deposit function of mobile banking is outstanding because you can take a picture of the check and it will be deposited without even having to step foot in the bank. These options are crucial for anyone who doesn’t have to take time out of their busy day to go into a branch.

As a bank, it is important to look at all generations and take their wants and needs into consideration. This is why we challenge ourselves every day to offer as many products and services as we can, ranging from mobile banking to a friendly face in our branches. No matter what your age, it is always nice to know that a friendly banker is always a call, text, or short drive away!