Frequent Asked Questions

Customers of Grinnell State Bank have been insured by the F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) since its inception in 1934. Historically, the Bank has always maintained a stronger capital position than its peer banks, so depositors would not be effected during difficult economic times. With over a century of experience, management is very serious about maintaining sound policies and puts secure operations before short-term profit motives. We are proud of our traditional service, maintaining a safe economic base for the continued growth of our communities.

At the link below, we invite you to review our (or any banks) Uniform Bank Performance Report (U.B.P.R.) prepared by the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (F.F.I.E.C.) to compare us to our peer group.

Grinnell State Bank understands the confidentiality of the information we have access to as a Bank. We provide a secure website and online banking products and “mask” all account information.  Grinnell State Bank’s employees are fully trained to provide layers of protection with the confidential information. We are an organization that focuses all efforts on our “KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER” policy.  We ask for identification at all times. This includes in-person visits to one of our bank branches, customer service levels over the phone and online levels of service. Every employee with Grinnell State Bank must sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” on a yearly basis and our Management Team upholds this agreement in full force.

You can stop into any of our 4 branches to open an account in person, or open a personal checking or savings account online!

You can order checks online or stop by one of our 4 branches!

There is standard criteria to be met before re-ordering checks online. Please contact us at any location for further assistance.

The first step to the qualification process for a loan with Grinnell State Bank is to visit the Loans Page on our website.  We have provided information pertaining to the suite of Loan Products we offer. Please fill out our contact form on the loans page.  Each loan product is specific to the customer’s needs. We have a strong team of Loan Officers across our bank branches to service all your needs.

Visit our Financial Planning page for more information.

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Online banking is an option to access your accounts on the go! You will have the ability to view balances, transfer funds, pay bills, pay a person, view electronic statements, manage your finances and much more.

Learn More about Online Banking Today.

Yes! Bill Pay through Grinnell State Bank is free.  It costs our customers nothing!

Complete the Acknowledgement Form for Electronic Statements, print it off and return it to any of our bank branches.

You will need to E-mail us or contact any of our 4 branches and ask to speak with a Personal Banker.


Download the Grinnell State Bank Mobile App in the App Store or Play Store and log in. Don’t have online banking? Sign up for online banking through the app!

We post transactions as we receive them. Normally ACH transactions are posted by 9:00 a.m. each business day. If a transaction occurs after our branch closing time, this transaction will be posted the next business day.

Falcon is fraud prevention software that helps identify and reduce fraud risk by detecting potentially fraudulent PIN-based and signature-based debit transactions.  It has a proven reputation of helping minimize payment card fraud losses.

Falcon scores transactions based on transaction data and cardholder profile factors.  Each transaction is given a score from 1 to 999, and the higher the score, the greater the likelihood that the transaction is fraudulent.

There is no guarantee all transactions will receive a high score to be declined. There may be a case where a similar type of transaction was previously authorized in your cardholder history. It is important to review your monthly bank statement for any suspicious or unauthorized activity.

A Shazam fraud specialist will contact you if any suspicious activity is detected on your account. They will identify themselves as SHAZAM, calling on behalf of Grinnell State Bank. If they are unable to reach you, they will leave a message with their contact information. If you save 1-855-219-5399 in your mobile phone you will be able to recognize that it is the Falcon Fraud department trying to reach you. You can also call this number 24/7 if you believe a transaction has been blocked or you notice suspicious activity. (Note: Shazam cannot assist you with daily limit related issues)

Shazam will ONLY VERIFY the specific transaction in question to determine if fraudulent or otherwise authorized by you as the consumer. They WILL NOT ask for your card number or any other personal information.

A block on your card may be placed until further verification of the identified suspicious transaction(s).

In addition, a transaction may not be authorized if the transaction falls above the scoring threshold.

For further explanation contact Grinnell State Bank today!

If you know that your transaction is a debit card transaction, you can notify Shazam Dispute Services at 1-833-288-1126. For any other transaction, or if you are unsure of the transaction type, notify Grinnell State Bank as soon as possible. The sooner a block is put on your debit or ATM card, it reduces the likelihood of further fraudulent transactions of occurring from that card. Once a block is placed on your card, a new card will be ordered and mailed to you.

For questions or concerns regarding your Visa credit card, please contact TCM Customer Service 24/7 at 800-883-0131.

How to Identify Online Fraud: It is difficult to distinguish if an email is legitimate. Scammers have become increasingly sophisticated in creating fraudulent emails and websites that look authentic. These emails and websites often appear to be from legitimate companies and include images and logos of these organizations.

About Scams: Many financial institutions that do business on the internet have become the target of fraudulent email and website scams. Every internet user should know about these fraudulent (Also called Phishing) emails that appear to be from a well-known company but can put you at risk. Even if you don’t provide what they ask for, simply clicking the link could subject you to background installations of key logging software or viruses.

Characteristics of Fraudulent Emails & Websites: Our bank will never send out an email requesting you to provide, update or confirm sensitive data. Fraudulent emails are urgent telling clients daily that if they update, verify or confirm their personal or account information, access to their accounts will be suspended.

Fraudulent emails typically ask for personal or account information such as:

  • Account numbers
  • Credit and check card numbers
  • Social security numbers
  • User ID’s and Passwords
  • Mother’s Maiden name
  • Date of Birth
  • Other Sensitive information

They often include links that include a legitimate company’s name or website address. Usually the fraudulent emails will disguise or forge the sender’s email address so they appear to be from a legitimate company.

How to Protect Yourself from Online Fraud:

  • Never provide personal or financial information to unsolicited email, phone or pop-up website requests.
  • Type the website addresses (URL) into the browsers instead of clicking on links in the emails
  • Change Passwords every 30 days
  • Keep Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam Filtering software on your computer up to date


It is the wealth division of Grinnell State Bank and is its own entity.