We are excited to announce that along with an updated and more modern logo and a new look on our website, we have also adopted www.grinnell.bank as our new web address! You may be wondering why we would make the switch, so here is a little insight into the change.


The fTLD Registry Services says that “.BANK and .INSURANCE are trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable locations online for the global financial services community and the customers they serve.”


In other words, .BANK is more secure because you have to PROVE through an extensive vetting process that you are a financial institution in order to register for the domain. Financial institutions must also comply with the policies for the .BANK registry on an ongoing basis. This means that .BANK domains cannot be duplicated by a fraudster by purchasing a domain close to ours, such as ‘grinell.bank’ to try to spoof customers, because they would not be able to verify that they truly are a bank. .BANK domains provide multiple layers of security to ensure you are getting to the bank’s website instead of a fake one and that communication is secure along the entire path between the customer and the bank’s website.


It’s a win-win. More secure and peace of mind for YOU, and more secure for the bank!


So, what do you have to do? Nothing!

(Unless you have our webpage bookmarked. In that case, you simply need to update your bookmark to www.grinnell.bank!)


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