In 1954, when the Jones family gained ownership of Grinnell State Bank, the very first advertisement was a newspaper ad that stated, “The nearest postbox will serve as a teller’s window” to inform customers of the convenience of mailing their deposits as another alternative to coming into the bank. It has always been important to have convenient options for consumers, but boy have times changed! Not too many people use snail mail anymore, let alone to mail a check for deposit. (Although that option is still available.)


Today, in 2018 there are several ways to advertise in addition to newspapers and radio. We are keeping up in this digital age with our presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We have ads on these social media sites as well as newspaper ads, on the radio, our website, and our own ATMs. We encourage customers to set up direct deposit or automatic payments online, check their balances via Telebanking, online or mobile banking, and have the option to deposit checks from their OWN cell phone! Times and technology have changed, but a few things have not. We still strive to provide exceptional customer service, stay competitive with other community banks, have convenient options with the most up to date products, and show our genuine care and loyalty to our customers and community.


As we keep up with the technological times, we are offering phone support on Saturdays from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM starting July 7th, 2018, as the lobbies and drive-ups in all four of our bank locations (Grinnell, Marengo, Johnston and Polk City) will be closed on Saturdays. We offer so many amazing products that allow individuals to still do their banking themselves such as our full-service ATM that accepts deposits, withdrawals, and account balances; a night depository; mobile and online banking with bill pay and person-to-person pay; and more. There is truly a minimal amount of services that need to be done in banks today. This is the future of banking and we are excited to support these options. Stop into one of our locations during bank hours, email us, chat with us online, or call us so we can help you do the banking you still need to do at the convenience of your home and fingertips. We genuinely care, and we are here with you every step of the way. We want to thank each of our customers, both consumer and commercial, for the support and loyalty throughout the years. We ask for the continuing support as we strive to be genuinely local, and simply better.